Number Portability in Canada

CLNPC is the authority on local number portability in Canada

What is LNP?

A Consumer Benefit

Local Number Portability (LNP) enables landline
and wireless subscribers to retain their telephone number(s) when they change service providers.

CLNPC’s Mandate

Leadership & Support

CLNPC Management provides strategic planning, develops policy, and supports members in matters pertaining to local number portability.


Managing contractual arrangements for access and ongoing use of the number portability database.


Business and technical support on policy matters related to access and use of portability corrected data.


Building industry consensus while balancing the varying interests of members.


Exploring opportunities to optimize the value of LNP.

Accessing NPAC


NPAC is the Number Portability Administration Center, the system that enables local number portability in Canada. Members of CLNPC and those who can demonstrate a need, based on acceptable use, are permitted access to the database.

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