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How do I access Canadian NPAC data?

Interested parties can connect to the Canadian NPAC directly, through the use of an LSMS or SOA, or by downloading Bulk Data Download (BDD) files. Alternatively, interested parties can access Canadian NPAC data through an authorized redistributor. For more information, please contact us at info@clnpc.ca.

What constitutes “acceptable use” of Canadian NPAC data?

CLNPC Management considers use cases describing services in support of one or more of the following to constitute “acceptable use”.

  • Routing of telecommunications traffic.
  • Rating applicable charges for telecommunications traffic.
  • Billing, meaning the rendering of a bill for telecommunications traffic.
  • Analytics Service, meaning services comprised of the analysis of calling party details.

For further information, please contact us at info@clnpc.ca.

Do I qualify to access Canadian NPAC data?

Many different industries and businesses require access to Canadian NPAC data to provide certain services to their clients or customers. Some of the more common types of businesses include:

SMS/MMS aggregators, network operators, CRM platforms, SaaS and CPaaS providers, long-distance providers,

Access to the NPAC data is not limited types of business described above, and all are welcome to apply. Should you have any specific questions about accessing Canadian NPAC data please contact us at info@clnpc.ca.

Once a third-party application is submitted, how long is the review period?

The review period, conducted by CLNPC Management and our Executive Committee, require approximately 10-12 business days to evaluate each application.

Can law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) access the NPAC directly?

Currently, the CLNPC does not have a policy in this regard. Interested LEA’s should contact Bell’s Governmental and Police Services department at nlea@bell.ca.

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